The intent of this project was to take what was then State Road 60 (Business) and convert it into an immensely more “pedestrian friendly” and alluring environment and to bring as much of the existing surroundings into the picture and create a Main Street USA hometown feeling for anyone that would walk and shop the antique, specialty shops and restaurants within the five block area of Streetscape from Broadway (US 98) East to Jackson Street. With some of the funding being provided by the Florida Department of Transportation with the agreement that it would no longer be State Road 60 but simply The City of Bartow’s Main Street. The Downtown area itself was about 2,000 feet of Hardscape with the total length of the project being a little over 2 miles. The bulk of the work was in the Downtown area with curb replacement, sidewalk installation, milling and resurfacing of the existing asphalt and landscaping from the new State Road 60 on the west end to the same on the East end. The Downtown area transformation included complete removal of the sidewalks to the buildings, curbs, site lighting, irrigation and replacing the sidewalk making it wider and the street narrower, along with over 40 storm system retrofits with new inlets, other utilities, new site lighting underground and irrigation. Over 23,000 square feet of sidewalk, clay brick pavers of varied designed patterns along with a lush landscaping, new color scheme benches and trash receptacles were designed into this project all while maintaining access to businesses at all times using various techniques making it as painless as possible for the shop owners and a huge success for the City.  Successful communication with the parties most effected was a major key to the completion of this project.    
The project had one of the most aggressive schedules ever encountered and with the burden of the maintenance of traffic and phasing of the project falling on the contractor compounded by the approval of all of the business owners and town elders, it was quite the challenge. Drainage away from the buildings in many areas of the Downtown area was also an owner known issue and a challenge for the designers that continued throughout the project. The town suffered a major fire on Main Street not even 2 months into the project that nearly brought the project to a halt with issues involving the existing fire/water lines and the cleanup of the fire itself that consumed an entire block. We overcame all of that somehow!
The Downtown area also has suffered the effects of a (very political) condemned building in the center of the area owned by an attorney group. This has the property owner and the City at odds and stopped work in that area and the milling and resurfacing of the Downtown area. The town still had their celebration of the “Magic on Main Street” on schedule in November of 2005 as the contractor had completed all it could, given all of the circumstances, and the City of Bartow could not have been more pleased with the product.  Comments from the City that evening when the town went up with lights everywhere included “We did it”!          


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Bartow, FL


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2.1 Miles

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