This project consisted of the development of 24 acres for a park and play ground on the existing Wall Springs Park site located in Palm Harbor, Fl. Most of the work took place on an undeveloped peninsula connected to the main park by an isthmus. The work included sitework, trails, five picnic shelters, restrooms, boardwalks, a timber observation tower, and a fishing piers.   The restrooms were constructed with masonry walls with a natural quarry “Tennessee Crab Orchard Stone” veneer and heavy timber roof system. Boardwalks totaling 11,200 sf, including (4) fishing piers located over the water were constructed from over 100,000 board
feet of pressured treated Southern Yellow Pine and supported by wood timber pilings. A 3,000 sf (3) level 45 foot tall open air observation tower was constructed at the end of the island overlooking the natural beauty of St. Joseph Sound and Boggy Bayou. The tower was constructed with heavy timbers made from Southern Yellow Pine and supported by (16) 52 foot 20” diameter timber pilings encased in concrete foundations. Several beautification additions were made at the existing natural spring; including the addition of an observation deck with benches and roof covered areas all constructed of pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine. The existing spring walls; which were becoming unsightly due to deterioration, were covered with white architectural precast concrete panels. The walkways around the spring were constructed with exposed river gravel which complimented the precast panels and deck. This project was started in July of 2004 and was completed on time in April of 2005. This, in itself, was a true accomplishment given the fact that this area was hit with four hurricanes and flooded a major part of the island for several weeks. Nelson’s superintendent and work forces were able to adjust their schedule, adapt to working in other areas and overcome these obstacles.


Contract Value:



Pinellas, FL


General Contractor


Pinellas County BOCC


Pinellas County Engineering

Construction Area:

24 Acres

Contract Type:  

Unit Price

Completion Date: 

April, 2005