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David Nelson Construction Co. is a General Contractor specializing in commercial buildings, heavy highway construction, sitework and underground utilities. We provide our clients with a range of contract delivery systems from design build to fixed price. We have over 35 years of construction experience in the Construction Industry with an annual volume of $45,000,000. At Nelson Construction, we are team oriented and are one of the few Contractors who maintain the belief that quality and timeliness are best achieved with self-performed work.

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Types of Work Performed

  Roadwork and Bridges
DNCC has constructed several hundreds of lane miles for both public and private owners from residential to private sectors.
  Parks, Trails and Recreational Fields
As a company Nelson Construction has been responsible for many custom projects some of our most custom jobs come when building Trails, Recreational Fields and Parks.
Nelson Construction has performed an array of work at various schools in the surrounding areas.  From site work, to structures, to designing fields and installing underground utilities. 
We have worked worked with companies such as Verizon, Lowe's and Innisbrook to build or add on vertical structures to meet each customers unique design scope.

 Beautification of public sidewalks,  bike and hike trails and roads.

  Toll Plazas
Experience working with toll roads and erecting toll plazas under several unique conditions.

Site Work Development

Nelson Construction has worked with many customers and general contractors to build new or improve existing facilities including but not limited to utilities, sidewalks, landscaping and irrigation parking lots and private roadways.
  Green Projects
As our society  has become more environmentally  aware, Nelson Construction has helped companies reach some of their most environmentally friendly projects.


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